Tour Operator Terms and Conditions | Dragon de la Patagonia


The deposit, 50% of the tour cost, must be made upon booking. The remaining 50% of the tour cost is due 40 days before the departure of the activity. If booking is done within 40 days before departure, the booking should be confirmed with a deposit of the full amount. If the participant cancels the tour at least 40 days before the departure of the activity, the refund will be 75% of the deposit per person. No refund of the deposit can be made, if the cancellation is within 39 days of the starting date of your tour.

If the minimum of passengers required for departure is not reached, the tour can depart at extra cost or with an adapted itinerary. In that case you can choose to pay the extra costs required for the tour to depart, have us organize and alternative tour for you, or request a full refund of your payment.

During the tour, the Guide or tour coordinator reserves the right to require a person to return to base camp or to abandon the tour, if by their judgment, for any reason, a person is unfit to continue participating in an ongoing activity. In the case of the participant’s need for a rescue, or the participant leaving the tour before its completion, for whatever reason, the participant is responsible for any expenses incurred, and there is no reimbursement of fees. DDLP is not responsible for any expenses incurred, nor shall there be any reimbursement of fees if the tour should be delayed, shortened or cancelled due to weather, strikes, theft, acts of nature, fires, civil disturbances, terrorism, acts of war, government restrictions or regulations, failure of any form of transportation to arrive or depart as scheduled, or discrepancies over which DDLP has no control. If DDLP chooses to cancel a tour for reasons other than the above stated, payment will be refunded in full.

DDLP is not responsible for the terms and conditions of any airline tickets. DDLP is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage or equipment, or any expenses incurred in the event of such loss or damage.

It is highly recommended to arrange personal travel insurance for this tour, covering accidents, medical costs, repatriation costs and loss of or damage to property. Dragon de la Patagonia should be informed of the details of this insurance (name of insurance company, identification number of the client) in order to be able to assist more efficiently in case of an emergency. It is worth considering that some aspects of nature are unpredictable and that we must be prepared for any inconvenient circumstances.